Business Coaching

Why should we work together?
Where we begin....
Each client, their team & their industry provide unique challenges.  Our services are not “cookie-cutter”, but rather designed for you.  Lighthouse Creative Management will bring clarity to the work you do.  We work to create efficient processes to enable more work to be done in shorter time frames with more effective results.  We can get on-board at any stage of your journey - just thinking about a business idea, looking to improve efficiency or pushing to the next level. 
  • Do you want to start your own business and have no idea where to begin?
  • Do you want help avoiding potholes and problems along the way?
  • Is your existing business overwhelming you?
  • Do you think your “too small” for a mentor or “Board of Directors”?

If “yes” was your answer to any of these questions, Lighthouse Creative Management can help!

We have been customizing solutions for our clients for years and we can do that for you in your business or entrepreneurial journey.

We offer all of the modules below as two, four, and six month programs, for individual or group coaching. See our "Programs" page for details & registration.

  • Setting Up:
    • Determining your focus & goals
    • Business Name
    • Business Structure
    • Registering with State & Local Authorities
    • Consultation on design/branding
    • Opening business bank accounts
    • Obtaining business insurance
  • Processes & Systems:
    • Determine workspace, location & layout
    • Start-up costs
    • Workflow Strategies
    • Strategies and resources for growth and expansion
  • “The Money Side”:
    • Pricing strategies
    • Sales Strategies
    • Budgeting
    • Proposals / Contracts
    • Bookkeeping, accounting & billing programs
  • “Legal Eagle”
    • Contractual Agreements
    • State/Local Laws
    • Legal Issues governing specific industry
  • “Teamwork-Dreamwork”:
    • Brainstorm business ideas & services tailored to you & your team
    • Hiring employees vs. contractors
    • Building your Team
  • Higher Level Customer Service:
    • Determining your “Best” & “Worst” Customer Avatars
    • Nurturing Leads
    • Intake Sheet/Questionnaire
    • Serving your customer [CRM]
  • Marketing & Advertising:
    • Building your Brand
    • Website Design
    • Starting an Advertising Program [Social, Traditional, PPC, etc.]
    • Social media and Blog setup, guidance and strategy
    • Marketing strategy
  • Business Coaching:
    • A professional resource to bounce ideas with, talk about fears and share concerns related to your career/business
    • General Q&A to answer all of your business/career questions
    • Decision-making Strategies
    • Work-life balance with your business
  • Time Management:

    • Get a handle on your workday and get more done!
    • Best practices for delegating, improving efficiency and clarifying tasks
    • Strategies and practices private and group coaching

We will give you the foundation you need to help you build a solid business in any industry.

Let's see how we can work together!