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"I want to own my own business."

" I wish I could do something to reach more clients."

Some people that are in business (or in the "business of themselves"), often hit a wall or a plateau. Some "Wantrepreneurs" don't even know where to begin. 

Lighthouse Creative Management specializes in partnering with "Wantrepreneurs", people in business for years and companies of all sizes, from all industries, with diverse owners and staff. We guide new business owners through the rough waters of starting a business; we help business owners and managers prioritize, optimize and systemize their work in order to grow their bottom line. Through our Event Management Coaching, we teach you how to consistently bring your message, product or service to a bigger audience.  

Who wouldn't want a bigger audience? Big audience = more revenue = BIGGER PROFITS!

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We are passionate about delivering results to our clients that are tailored to their wants and needs to achieve their business growth aspirations. From strategic planning to initiating change, starting up and eliminating wastes - we are part of your team!

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