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We help people in business bring foundational structure to their business.  We help entrepreneurs navigate through the step-by-step processes needed to take their dreams to reality.  LCM works with established business owners, managers and executives in corporate America to eliminate the three biggest wastes: inefficient staffing, production flow & time management. With planning, we work to free you up to work on your business, to bring more business in and increase your sales & profits.

Many of our clients are suffering from “overwhelm”; not knowing how to bring their business or themselves to the next level. Some need help navigating the ins-and-outs, the steps necessary to build their business, while others want to expand their business through alternative marketing channels. We work with people in long-term positions, entrepreneurs, & wantrepreneurs, any industry, any level of experience.  Working with women and members of the LGBTQ Community allows us to reach a greater number of people who have diverse interests, businesses and approaches to “working smarter, not harder”.


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT: Hiring me brings structure to your work – find the problem, brainstorm solutions, analyze changes and ensure continued success through business strategizing, planning & marketing, as well as showing our clients the benefits of hosting their own events for increased exposure to your customer base.  Success is measured in more time, less worry and an increase in your bottom line.

And who would say “no” to spending more time doing what you want to do AND be more profitable as you do it??

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  • Management Consulting 
  • Process Strategies  
  • Marketing 
  • Customer Service 
  • Event Management for Business 
  • Lean Six Sigma
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Our team members hail from many different backgrounds, including retail sales, marketing, entertainment, event planning and education.  We make it our business to study and incorporate the arts and science of professional project management into everything we do.

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