Resilient Women who Rise and Make a Difference
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In this book, you'll discover the messages of forty women who have channeled their passion into a mission to make a difference. By joining forces with the other women of Women Speakers Association on the pages of Voices of the 21st Century, these messengers will grow wings that expand their reach beyond their wildest dreams. This collaborative book highlights authors who write about resilience in the face of violence, illness, COVID-19, extreme obstacles, natural disasters, business failures and more.

A perfect gift for someone who needs a boost of confidence - to harness their own inner strength. Encourage resilience for the women and men in your life that can use these stories to know they are not alone.

The world you are meant to serve is waiting for you.

  • Book Club Conversation Starters included.
  • Gift & Gift Sets available.
  • Be a "VOICES Ambassador" and gift this inspirational book to groups and organziations. See details below.
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"Forty women sharing their remarkable stories will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Everyone will relate to the various stories from domestic abuse to rebuilding a business after a devastating storm and advice to seeing the beauty within. This book will give the reader the courage to see their past challenges as stepping stones to become the person they are today." - C.D.

"Raise our 'Voices'! Every woman can see herself among the pages of this book. We all share the experience of not being heard, not having a right to be heard. These stories tell of their struggles to raise themselves up and be heard without asking for permission. The "Voices" here can be a cheerleading squad for all women who aspire to be their true selves." -A.M.

"A book worth reading for anyone - woman or man - who have their own trials. Anyone can benefit from the inspiration of these strong, resilient women." - A.C.

"An Inspirational Masterpiece! As a female founder, the voices in this book spoke directly to me. Life's journey is unpredictable and these stories truly illustrate our resilience and resourcefulness as women. This book should be on every woman's reading list...inspirational!" - A.E.

"A Support System through Voices - This is a thought provoking book written by women who have been challenged to change direction in their personal journeys in a positive way. They endured obstacles, but found that inner voice, self-confidence to persevere, the resilience to move forward." - E.C.

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